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Robert Pagane (Pagani)


The Devil's horn-Tenor/Alto sax, Vocals, keyboards


 A huge fan of the saxy sounds of the fifties and early sixties music, this cat decided he was one day going to play the sax. In 2000 AD he purchased his first used Alto horn, began taking lessons and has never looked back. With a band called the Born Bluesers he went from the comfy dark spot of sax guy in the back, to the spotlight “Front of the band” guy where they asked him to also start singing some songs. He remains in that spot with a great cast of musicians in The Robert Michaels band.

 He is Inspired by the sounds of the late Clarence Clemons, Boots Randolph, Grady Gaines and Pittsburgh’s own best, Phil Brontz.


"Wild" Bill Octave


Open Wide ! 

Bill is a longtime dentist, educator and cover band musician with performances in Pittsburgh and Richmond Va. areas.    An Italian immigrant, and glass-worker’s son, Bill loves God, America, family, teeth, music, and almost anything related to garlic.   Musical Influences:  Mel Bay, a Sears catalog Kay acoustic guitar and any song that starts with “Three Chords and an Attitude”.


PS my Mom would be Dad would call it bull shit.  jus sayin


Rick “FastHands” Miklos   Drums


Rick has played drums  off and on from the age of 12. Influences range from Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich to Neil Peart, Ringo Starr and Max Weinberg.

His eclectic taste in music run from Opera and Symphony  to Rock, Soul and  Heavy Metal.

Drums of Choice: Ludwig Maple Classic with Paiste Cymbals


Magic Mike Pardus  Guitar & Vocals

Music has always been a key part of Mike’s life.  He plays guitar and bass, as well as providing vocals. From classic rock, to new wave, to R&B, to jazz, to soul - I have a passion for them all. Jazz chording and syncopated rhythms have been integral to my playing. Early influences included Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, John Cipollina, and Albert Collins.  His guitar of choice is an Gibson ES 335.  Hand him a guitar and he'll play anything you want.

Tim, The Socrates of "Bassism" Johnson

Bass Guitar

Tim began slapping the bass in high school and continued to rock throughout college.  After a short, 30 year break to raise kids he resumed playing again.  His musical influences range from The Who and Rush to Jimmy Buffett and Bruce Springsteen.  Tim didn't know what else to say in this bio, so he asked his now grown kids for advice. Response, "If you ever hear that Tim has gone missing, look for some jagoff in blue jeans and a gray shirt with a Pittsburgh sports team logo on it."  Tim decided that sounded great and was actually pretty proud of that assessment.

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